Petra Holzmann

Business Coach & Trainer for Cross-Cultural Competence

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About me

It all started with the word, the language, the understanding and the essential question: how does communication actually work? These were my focal points within my studies of linguistics.

Later on I turned towards studying programming language as well as information technology. In my long term function as a head of a department in an international major corporation, I had ample opportunities, to keep asking this question over and over again. As time went by, the firm belief had arisen, that whoever ignores motivation and the cultural context of his fellow human beings, shall never be able to fully understand them, and by the same token maybe not even himself.

Knowing oneself, being conscious of precisely set bars and one's own personal worth, are key requirements, to nurture people, put teams together and lead them to success. Or alternatively inspire confidence in their own force and for their future.

Full of curiousity, open-minded, very much convinced about what I am doing and how I go about it, for sure the approach will be all-embracing. Intercultural cooperation is a major concern and I am at present facing different kinds of team plays, as well as the program "Work 4.0".

I would like to share my source of secrets.

About Coaching

Your world is spinning faster and faster, revolves into more complex turns – leaving little time for matured decisions, worse, they must be taken fast and easily, hopefully properly. Nevertheless an approach, nice and easy, but thoroughly comprehensive- is exactly what I am aiming at.

A change is in the air...

you located the target, but your equipment does not fit the flight. We sketch your track, check out potential obstacles and go over your gear a second time. Any uncalled-for ballast? What was there missing? Or did you get stuck and there is no forwards nor backwards? Then let's start with that emergency package and look out for the proper tools. Or you are en route and lost at a fork? We have a go at your map, search for hints and find the exact way. Or are you dallying away on the fast lane? We shall find a trick to pull over and reach a turn-off signalising an open road.

Getting started...

implies a walk, showing quickly whether you are taking the lead and determine the destination, or whether you are well received in the group.

No matter what role you play, you ought to know about the rucksack's content of your new companions. We might as well find out together.


drain your guts. Hassle does not head to high performance. Mostly it will hinder or maybe even hurt. An intervention in good time could stop the bars from getting ironclad.


As an executive, you are aiming at what you really are here for- leading, forming strategies and reaching goals and at the same time try to avoid conflict of roles, I might come in handy for these topics:

Seeking your team's feedback...

you would like to encourage individual- as well as collective strength of the group? I could moderate feedback and give help to agreements about steps to be taken.

You are favouring employee survey's...

to monitor the pulse of your employee's contentment and would like to initiate significant improvements? I could guide talks, that help to find ways of amelioration.

Your team...

is hurrying through a process of change and needs a counterpoising guide? Acting jointly internationally, mostly virtually, it suffers from frictional loss? While going along with the team, I would assimilate their anxieties and propose paths to regain composure.

Refugees welcome...

easily said, but how do you supply skills seeked by your staff?

So you are interested?

Every human differs, and each one has different requests. You determine the rhythm and the length of the support.

The best possible time

It's never too early.

The amount of time necessary

Will be determined by your request. Confronted with straightforward, down to earth questions, a short term coaching could be viable. In more complicated processes of change, a lengthier support would seem more appropriate. Intervals are normally quite individualised.

The assignment

Coaching: with a first, simple phone call, free of charge, we shall find out about your needs and requests, and also if "we click".

Workshop: in a conversation we define the assignment, your expectancies and those of your participants. You will receive a custom-tailored training program, based on your initial requirements, followed by a mutual fine-tuning.

The working space

Meeting face to face is definitely the number one choice. Alternatively, certain program units could well be accomplished via virtual media.


120€ / 60 minutes + VAT applicable to private persons
180€ / 60 minutes + VAT applicable to companies
NGOs, workers in a honorary capacity as well as employees, not being part of the high wage world, are entitled to a negotiable friendly fee.

Petra Holzmann

Business Coach & Trainer for Cross-Cultural Competence

Am Lokdepot 4 . 10965 Berlin

+49 176 434 741 36 . +49 30 219 588 68



"Systemischer Coach" (2016, artop GmbH Berlin, recognised by DBVC e.V.)

"Trainer and Coach for Cross-Cultural Competence“ (2014, artop GmbH Berlin)

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Petra Holzmann
Business Coach & Trainer for Cross-Cultural Competence
Am Lokdepot 4
10965 Berlin


Telephone: +49 176 434 741 36
E-Mail: coach[at]petraholzmann[.]com

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